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Argan Oil In Hair Care Products. Check Out Its Properties And Effects

By most hair maniacs, it is considered the best oil used in skin and hair care. It is rich in vitamins, micronutrients and fatty acids. It is often referred to as the liquid gold of Morocco. Argan oil is often used in cosmetology and haircare. Keep on reading to check is properties, and effects. Argan
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CeCe Argan, 100% argan oil – product review

CeCe Argan oil catches attention thanks to an unusual, aesthetic packaging – 75 ml plastic bottle has brown – golden colour. It is decorated with a subtle oriental pattern. The applicator is long and narrow and resembles applicators in hair dye bottles. This thin and narrow applicator is supposed to make the dosing easier and keep
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Natural heat protection for your hair – argan oil in its new role.

Argan oil is at its peak of popularity. It is commonly used in hair and skin care. It nourishes, moisturises and regenerates hair that becomes shiny and bouncy. Argan oil deals excellently with excessive dryness of the scalp as well as strong seborrhea (intensified sebum production). Women use it regardless of age but it is the
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