Natural heat protection for your hair – argan oil in its new role.

hair-care.jpgArgan oil is at its peak of popularity. It is commonly used in hair and skin care. It nourishes, moisturises and regenerates hair that becomes shiny and bouncy. Argan oil deals excellently with excessive dryness of the scalp as well as strong seborrhea (intensified sebum production). Women use it regardless of age but it is the most popular among ladies who try to slow down ageing processes of skin and hair, stop greying and hair loss.

Argan oil is used as a leave-in hair conditioner, as a hair and scalp mask, it is added to ready-made, drugstore balms and masks, mixed with hair nourishing rinses.

Few know, however, that argan oil can provide an amazing heat protection. It will protect hair from strong and damaging sunbeams as well as heat emitted by hair dryers, flat irons or curlers. Using hot rollers also weakens its condition. If you often use this kind of treatments, you expose your hair to serious damage and increase its porosity. It happens that damaged hair cannot be rescued. Therefore, it is so important to protect it, even during blow-drying. Argan oil is ideal. It is all natural, extracted from the nuts of Moroccan tree. It is free from damaging chemical substance which may disturb the structure of hair and functioning of the scalp. Argan oil – as a heat protection serum – must be applied to dry strands prior to styling. You need a small amount depending on your hair length and condition. You apply e.g. four drops of argan oil. It is quickly absorbed and covers your hair with a microscopic protective layer. Hair, provided with such protection, is less exposed to the action of high temperatures. Argan oil can also be applied several times during the day, whenever you feel your hair needs it.